Father Sergeant has recently brought his translation of THE BOOK OF LAMECH OF CAIN forward for publication. This recently released ancient document covers THE MARK OF CAIN, LEVIATHAN WORSHIP, THE SONS OF GOD, THE NEPHILIM, and LAMECH'S SONG OF THE SWORD. The document also features insight into TUBAL-CAIN, NAAMAH, ADAH, ZILLAH and UVALL THE REPHAIM. Father Ichabod Sergeant is currently preparing a lecture series on Leviathan worship in the antediluvian era.

Actual photo of a copy of THE BOOKS OF OG, ENOCH AND THE GIANTS burned by a zealot and posted online.

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While he was alive, Michael Heiser  mislabelled the history of the documents that became THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG. He did manage to accurately associate the document with the Dead Sea Scrolls, but he mistakenly assumed it was from the 5th century AD. 

"We actually do know what that book really was. . .its actually the Manichean version of the Book of the Giants. That book is known from the dead sea scrolls."

-Michael Heiser

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are by invite only. Sermons are currently unavailable. All have been recorded in HD and will be published at a later date.

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