Father Sergeant has recently brought his translation of THE BOOK OF LAMECH OF CAIN forward for publication. This recently released ancient document covers THE MARK OF CAIN, LEVIATHAN WORSHIP, THE SONS OF GOD, THE NEPHILIM, and LAMECH'S SONG OF THE SWORD. The document also features insight into TUBAL-CAIN, NAAMAH, ADAH, ZILLAH and UVALL THE REPHAIM. Father Ichabod Sergeant is currently preparing a lecture series on Leviathan worship in the antediluvian era.


Father Cliff, Father Martin and Father Sergeant of THE END TIME MINISTRIES CHURCH are all available by email. Please send all communication to: endtimeministrieschurch@priest.com


Sermons at theEND TIME MINISTRIES CHURCH are by invite only. Previous sermons have been as follows:

Father Sergeant - "Cryptozoology and the Ancient Texts" pt. 1

Father Martin - "Rephaim vs Nephilim" pt. 1

Father Martin -"The ancient evil released (with video presentation)" pt. 1

Father Sergeant -"Demonstrations of the supernatural - Heretic Flame" pt. 1

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